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Augmented Reality Software


The first time augmented reality software appeared was more than fifty years ago. Recently, it was seen in soldier’s technological battle gear. Today, with the multi-use iPhone, games and applications that depict a virtual world on a real world are increasing.


Augmented Reality App


First, augmented reality is essentially simply a displaying of digital information or objects of a real world view. This kind of augmentation is not really a new thing. An example can be the ‘on the field’ aspect during the playing of a game of football. This shows how information that is computer-generated may be overlaid in a situation of the real world to give information that is highly necessary in a visually noticeable yet non-obtrusive.




This augmented reality software incorporates military applications. For example, making enemies location to be overlaid on entertainment applications, like alien invasions occurring over your personal city. However, it offers practical uses also. Augmented reality apps may be utilized as tour guides, give information about the stars among others.


As recognition of object is increasingly becoming more intelligent, it is very likely that augmented reality software games will change the real world, instead of merely overlaying new images on its top.


In addition, there can be programs appearing which modify the present landscape. These may change the current skyline to be a revolutionary landscape having buildings that are transformed into advanced and modern styling to new structures – not simply making futuristic object addition.


Why a big deal now?


The reasons are very simple which explains why augmented reality has become so popular during the last year. An update was created by apple allowing users with apps that are third party to utilize their iPhone camera like that of a video camera. Suddenly, the medium allowed creative developers of applications a structure in which they can combine virtual reality with reality. As a result new generation iPhone games were spawned, plus it gave rise to the possibility of a whole new type of application and gaming style. With this innovative technology the possibilities are strong for more creative uses to be found with the combination of the virtual world and real.


As the years pass by I predict augmented reality being a suited fit in our daily lives, becoming a real integral part. However, while you and I wait on that time to come I will take pleasure in the current augmented reality software in iPhone games.