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Augmented Reality Apps


Augmented Reality Apps are basically a live or indirect view of the real world being overlaid; where there are hoards of information and images which are computer-generated. Calvin Klein Underwear, starting with the April version, will have ads of augmented reality running in GQ. There are some applications which integrate with Flickr and YouTube and geo-tagged user media is arranged to view how various places appear at different times. The Augmented Reality apps are set to be integrated into daily living.


You may begin by creating an AR app or use the apps that are available and put information about a product, event or business. Layer.com, TagWhat.com and wikitude.me have three of the apps that you may want to add. Each app requires different handling but a tag has to contain your media (video or pictures), information and geographical information. Wikitude utilize Google Maps for providing a simple and quick solution. When the location is tagged along with your information, digitally publicize the work to potential consumers by marketing media or the internet so that they can find out something great about your service or product by searching through it or viewing it by way of an AR browser.


One other great method of engaging potential customers is to make AR fun. Effective marketing strategies frequently incorporate entertaining and exciting aspect to allow prospects to engage by way of interactivity. This will allow business messages to be shared and extended, such as by way of quizzes, games and contests. For example, the AR can be utilized in this form by:

Activation of the app opens the phone camera of the mobile, superimpose the picture of the celebrity and your target could be made to stand next to the celebrity. The photo may include an attractive heading and then transmitted to colleagues, submitted as a contest entry or to a networking social website like Facebook. The prize may be dinner with the featured celebrity.

Make the app into a MeetUp/Locator generator. Allow prospects to find out what goes on in your business. Feed in news or updates.

Put items into virtual space. Select from icon images that is associated with the business. Send prospects a message to say that you placed an image somewhere. Persons can know about the message by way of android augmented reality apps or iPhone augmented reality apps.