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What is Augmented/Views?


Augmented/Views is an Augmented Reality news feed that provides all of the most updated news from all over the web and offers editorial controls to the people who use it.


All Augmented/Views stories are short descriptions which point to the original content elsewhere on the web. Augmented/Views users choose our site as a platform to stay up to date with developments in the Augmented Reality space and also keep fellow Augmented/Viewers informed. They do it by posting their original story content links, commenting on the posted stories and creating connections within the user base.


Augmented/Viewers rate the posted stories by voting on them.


How do Votes help to promote stories and/or submissions to homepage?


You vote on the stories and postings that you like. The number of votes that a submission receives provides an indication of "popularity" of the story. Users who submit content to Augmented/Views are rewarded for good submissions by their peers. So, if you like a story, Vote on it! and help others to view the hottest trending stories. Popular stories are always on the home page.


What type of stories can I submit?


We want Augmented/Views to be the source for everything that's new on the web on the subject of Augmented Reality: provided it can be linked, it can be submitted and is work-safe.


How to get my submissions noticed?


You must have a good title for your submission to bring your peers to the site and then a summary and meaningful description attracting users’ interest.


How to rate comments submitted by users?


Comments are sorted by the points received. So, help other Augmented/Viewers by rating the comments.


Click on the Vote icon for the submissions you like and Bury link below the content on the submissions you dislike. This helps in keeping relevant submissions at the top. 


How are "Augmented/Viewers" ranked?


Augmented/Viewers are ranked on the basis of their contributions to the community. Contributions are measured by Karma points.


Why should I try to accumulate Karma?


Karma in Augmented/Views is established in such a way that you will be rated among your fellow Augmented/Viewers in order to obtain the distinctive rights.


How do I accumulate Karma?


Your Karma points can be increased by helping the community by the following means.


The following activities can decrease your Karma.


Can anyone submit?


Anyone can submit a news story for review but we encourage you to register so that you can vote on other stories. Registration is free and takes no time.


News stories are the nerve center activity of Augmented/Views. It works at its best when people contribute submissions to it and comment.


How to submit questions, comments, or suggestions related to AugmentedViews.com?


We would be glad to hear from you. Use our feedback form or  contact us at  support (at) augmentedviews.com